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 providing online marketing expertise to the hospitality and entertainment industries in South AfricaWelcome to Marula Marketing, we specialise in online marketing

Welcome to Marula Marketing, we specialise in online marketing for the hospitality industry, incorporating venues, team building, functions, events, parties and the suppliers for and to this industry, we are proudly South African.

Marula Marketing

Marula Marketing was established in 1997 and we went online in 1999, with this many years experience "we do it right".

Marula Marketing supplies an online marketing and advertising service for lodges, resorts, hotels, venues, entertainers, team building venues, facilitators, events and all the other services related to the industry, of which there are many, who all provide a vital part of the huge cog in the dynamic hospitality market in South Africa.

How do we do this?

Marula Marketing have designed and created websites which are purpose built and promote the venues and services available in the above mentioned categories.

Why are we different from all the other web companies out there?

Because we have 19 years of experience in web development and design and over 16 years of hands on operational experience and expertise in hospitality sales, marketing, and the management of hospitality businesses.

This allows us, very simply, to build online solutions that truly work for the hospitality business.

Our goal is to increase your visibility, get you noticed and bring the business to your venues door.

Our websites are user friendly, simple to use, and give a quick result in finding the client what they are looking for. Most importantly the websites rank highly with the search engines, which means they find us, which in turn means they find you!

Marula Marketing is therefore able to offer YOU AND YOUR COMPANY a comprehensive and meaningful online marketing and advertising service by eliminating the normal legwork that you would have to do yourself in the development and then continual maintenance of a website as well as the SEO (search engine optimization) that follows, after you have created your website.

In addition, social websites, such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Pinterest amongst others, have all become very real factors when looking to get your company and product noticed and into the top rankings on the internet. It is an electronic jungle out there, literally, and staying on top of the latest developments on the internet is a full time job.

For a small annual fee, Marula Marketing will show case your business or service and get you noticed. Choose which of our purpose built websites you would like to advertise your business on or choose them all.

So, why don't you let us take care of the internet, while you, bag the business.

From your clients point of view, time is precious, they will go online, onto the internet to search and find something, be it a service, a venue or an answer and they want to find it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Marula Marketing offers you an additional service in that we, as professional conference and event coordinators and consultants, can assist both the client and yourself in putting together a successful end result.

Interested ? want to find out more? have a look at the pages on our websites and  or our other pages that explain our various services in more detail.

We look forward to being of service

 Marula Marketing providing you with your online marketing solutions


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Marula Marketing, About Us