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 providing online marketing expertise to the hospitality and entertainment industries in South AfricaWelcome to Marula Marketing, we specialise in online marketing

Are you an Entertainer or in the entertainment industry or perhaps you a re a specialist speaker, comedian, band, artist, magician or dancer let us market, advertise and promote you on our hospitality websites, we are proudly South African. 

Entertainment and Entertainers

We offer online Marketing and Advertising for Speakers, Entertainers and Entertainment industries in South Africa. Our focus is on venues, the conference industry as well as events and functions. These are indelibly intertwined with entertainers and the entertainment industry, the two industries go hand in glove. So, let us show case, market and advertise your entertainment expertise on our purpose built websites which target these huge industries. We will get you noticed.

Variety is the spice of life. Entertainers, speakers and entertainment inject some enthusiasm, energy and gaiety into a function, conference, event or party. One thing is certain, you are all the life and soul of any event, function or party.

MC or Host

There are speeches to be made, people to thank and guests to honour. Public speaking often goes hand in hand with any important function.
Are you an MC or speaker host ? Let us list and advertise your service on our websites, we have conference, team building, events and function clients in need of your services on a regular basis.

Public Speakers

Public Speakers provide inspiration and motivation, whether it's a conference or professional event, of function. Speakers specialise in many different areas and expertise and clients are always in need of finding a speaker that is going to meet their requirements. Get Listed with Marula Marketing and watch those enquiries start to roll in.


You serenade guests with beautiful strains of a music. Whether you are a pianist, violinist, cellist or flutist, you as musicians create the mood which adds to an event. List yourselves with Marula Marketing and get yourself seen as an artist, as well as getting the bookings.


Music is your bent and you live, eat and sleep it, you are in demand at the many functions, occasions and events around the county. DJ's list with us and let us advertise and market your services.


Whether you're a jazz band, 80's band, rock band, cover band, brass band or any other kind of band. Your services are often looked for and are in demand at many an event, party or function. Let us advertise your services, list with us and be seen.

Dance Groups

Are you a fire dancer, Irish river dancer, hip hop group, line dancer, modern, ballet, ballroom or rock and roll specialist. Get Your self noticed and out there on our websites. A dance performance may be just what is needed to bring a function, party or event to life. So put on your dancing shoes and turn to Marula Marketing for marketing and advertising your dance group.

Magicians and Specialist Entertainers

 Magicians and specialist entertainers bring the magic back into corporate peoples lives. If you have a special talent to offer and you want to get it out there, let us market you and get you seen and noticed.

Please feel free to contact us for more detail, which we will willingly send to you.

We look forward to being of service


Entertainment and Entertainers, a service provider listing, marketing and advertising window for your offered services.

Bands - let us market and advertise your services online


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Entertainers and performers let us get you seen online


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Entertainment | Entertainers | Entertainment Service providers | online marketing | get listed