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 providing online marketing expertise to the hospitality and entertainment industries in South AfricaWelcome to Marula Marketing, we specialise in online marketing

Marketing Event venues and event marketing and advertising for the event, conference, function, teambuilding, event venues  in and around South Africa, we are proudly South African. 

Marketing Event Venues and Events

Marula Marketing has had the great opportunity and privilege of working with a large number of event venues in South Africa. We have also worked with the many clients that have chosen various venues that matched up their event needs and requirements. Venues do a wonderful job in managing and running events with their operations and their event planners and coordinators working continual event masterpieces.

When it come to the marketing, targeting, advertising and finding the business and getting noticed, in order to show off their beautiful venues and their exceptional talents, this, is where event venues sometimes need a helping hand.

Having been operational in the entertainment and hospitality industry for many years, we have mountains of hands on experience when it comes to putting an event together.

We are able to offer your venue assistance in putting together a marketing plan on a consulting basis. Whether your venue specialises in events, functions, conference or team building or you are a training facility we have the Marketing answers for you.

Marula Marketing can assist you with a marketing package, that will get you seen and assist you in generating the business that your venue needs.  

Not one venue is the same as another and each venue will have certain features and facilities that will make it stand out from the rest. In the same breath, no  client has exactly the same event in mind as another.

Let us assist you by targeting and marketing your venue to the client that is looking for your specific type of service, that is in your area and your venue meets all their event requirement details.

How do we do this? we specialise in online and social marketing and selectively target the marketing to the clients that are looking to put together an event.

For a small annual fee, your venue will be marketed 24 hours and day, 7 days a week and most importantly to the clients that are looking for event venues and services.

You can choose your venue marketing package, we have two specific streams of marketing and targeting.

conference-sa.co.za which specialises in conferences and all the services that go hand in hand with this huge market.

teambuild-sa.co.za which focuses on team building, events and functions as well as all the other services that go hand in hand with them.

So, take your pick or choose to market on both of these awesome websites.

In addition should a client contact us directly and your venue matches the clients requirement needs we will refer the client to you and your venue, or work with both your venue and the client to put together a perfect event.

Please feel free to contact us for more detail, which we will willingly send to you.

We look forward to being of service.


Marketing Event Venues and advertising your venue online and through the social media in and through out South Africa.

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Event venues and event venue marketing | Marketing and advertising events online